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Join a rich and diverse pool of experts whose knowledge span across industry, domain, technology and have high degree of experience in implementing  solutions across the industry

What are Swarms?

We are a UK based company and work with some of the biggest names in public and private sector globally helping them Digitally Transform their business with cutting-edge innovation ranging from AI & ML to Robotics. We carry out large-scale digital transformations on global level for various clients, working on multi-vendor, multi-supplier deals and innovations in technology.

To provide full spectrum of services to our clients in quickest way possible, we have organised our workforce into “Swarms” - with multiple swarms working on different modules to achieve extreme parallelisation. Each Swarm typically includes our own staff, associates, industry leaders, technology domain experts, SMEs and service providers from multiple locations. This provides us with a rich and diverse pool of experts whose knowledge span across industry, domain, technology and have high degree of experience in implementing typical solutions. Typical examples of our swarms are AI & ML Swarms, Cloud Migration Swarm, RPA in health swarm, UX Design Swarms, Automated Testing Swarms, Adobe Experience Cloud Swarms etc.



You must be a Service Company or an Individual working on cutting-edge innovation in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, Blockchain, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, RPA, Marketing Clouds or Customer Experience. 


Companies or Individuals who have the desired skills and certifications are welcome to join respective swarms upon initial screening - Joining is absolutely Free!

How To Join Swarms?


Submit Screening Questionnaire about your company's expertise


Upon successful screening, we will contact you for further Information about your expertise and evidence of work you've carried out


You sign the standard framework agreement to provide services on our platform


You get access to our Deal Desk for all future services opportunities

Our Philosophy

We place particular emphasis on providing right Expertise to our clients . The Expert knowledge not just needs to be created and retained but also need to be refreshed/rejuvenated with new technological advancements. This is why we decided to create a collaborative environment by not just hiring great talent but also connecting them and tapping in to ever-changing ever-growing pool of experts in the form of independent partners.

How Do You Get New Business?

Our clients entrust us with large global transformation projects - we divide the work into multiple chunks and "Fan" it out on Deal Desk to partner companies. There will also be opportunities to carry out the discovery phase at client site with us. Check How the process works.

Become a Partner! 

Screening Questionnaire

Choose technologies where you have delivered at least 2 commercial projects (Evidence will be asked for in next stage)

Thanks for submitting your details - We will review and get back to you with in 24 hours!


Let's Build Something Awesome..


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